Benefits of Coloring for Kids

The most common question which comes in the minds of the parents when their kids are about to start coloring is “Are colors safe for them?” The answer to this is “Yes!”

Benefits of Coloring

There is a beautiful saying “Color is the language of the soul.” Colors also act as therapy and can have a great part in changing our mood for bad to very good and vice versa. Many rehabilitation centers paint their walls Green and Lavender to help their patients getting relaxed. Similarly, yellow color is a sign of happiness and positive energy. Thus, the walls of the schools are painted yellow to energize the kids. Colors have a very important role not only in the lives of the kids but also of the adults.

Colors also change the perception of what we think of something. Let’s take an inspired painting as an example. The colors change our perception of something being small or large. They also have a symbolic meaning which our mind recognizes immediately. We subconsciously associate the color blue with a boy, pink with a girl and red is the color of love.

The reason parents and teachers at the preschool ask the kids to start coloring at the young age is due to its benefits. The coloring on the pages or books enables the children to recognize and differentiate between colors. They get to know about the boundaries and that they are only allowed to color within the borders. The importance of the borders is described.


The usage of the markers to color the drawings is absolutely safe. Nowadays, with increased technology, parents and teachers are using non-toxic markers. They are even safe for the kids and toddlers who eat everything.

The benefit of using a marker to color the pages or books is that they create very neat and crisp colors. Another benefit of the marker is that it colors very uniformly with consistence in each stroke. The artists use the markers when they want their creation to be sharp, crisp and clean.

Just because colors and coloring the pages and books are safe and healthy for the kids, new technologies are being introduced to build an interest in the kids in coloring and make their experience better. For example, live coloring book in Pakistan. It is an Augmented Reality coloring book and it works with the help of the color 3D app. Live coloring book in Pakistan enables the children to draw on the page and simultaneously visualize its 3D moving model on the smartphone camera. These affect not only fascinates the kids but also their parents and teachers. Thus, children take more interest in practicing this healthy activity of coloring books. The AR animation can also perform multiple actions like making sounds, moving back and forth. Kids can also play games with those objects after completing the coloring. This encourages them to complete the coloring on a daily basis to enjoy different games.