Augmented Reality for Kids’ Future

With the developing trends reaching new heights, it is imperative to train young minds according to future needs. Educationists have designed many new ways of learning by integrating advanced researches. To trickle down the benefits to kids, parents and teachers should adopt these methods at the earliest.

Developed countries are investing heavily on Augmented Reality based learning. New Zealand Department of Conservation is promoting Augmented Reality Coloring Books. The Institute of Computer Graphics and Vision at Graz University, Austria, concluded in research that Augmented Reality enhances kids’ interaction with content and increases motivation for learning.

According to a research at the University of Minnesota, USA, 12 distinct fields have adopted Augmented Reality solutions to enhance their outputs. In the military, Augmented Reality can be used to display the real battlefield. For manufacturing and construction industry, AR presents minute details in the realistic perception. Similarly, using AR applications, Robots can present complex information for communicating information to humans.

To prepare relevant human resource and AR compatible generation, AR-based education systems are becoming necessary. New technologies for teaching and learning through AR have been increasingly recommended by the researchers. AR develops important practices that cannot be adopted in other technology-enhanced learning environments. These educational benefits have made AR a key emerging technology for education over the next few years.

Parents and teachers should realize the changing trends and importance of new learning techniques. While education itself prepares kids for a better tomorrow, lagging behind in advanced learning techniques hinder the attainment of desired learning objectives.