Augmented Reality in Education

There are colourful, creative and appealing classrooms in every corner of our world. Each of them isn’t much different from other classrooms; however, in some of the classrooms, kids are treated to a very unique experience using the Augmented Reality based learning.

As they begin, a life-sized virtual image of a character appears floating in front of them. The character moves, and looks at them and shares how it walks, eats and speaks. It shares how it is to be attacked by an enemy, and how it defends itself in such a case. The character shares its history, and what it was like living on this planet even before humans were born. It shares the meaning of its name, its unique abilities, and strengths.

Kids ask questions, give commands to walk and talk, and take pictures to have fun. Sometimes the character is a Dinosaur, sometimes a Lion and sometimes a flying bird. The classroom is more like the same where most of us got a basic education.

Through the use of Augmented Reality techniques, conventional learning through reading only is improved into a very immersive educational experience.

The technology to transform on-screen graphics into a realistic image is termed as Augmented Reality (AR). It differs from the Virtual Reality as it allows its users to experience the virtual image at the same time as they see the real objects and surroundings. In an AR experience, the world is seen through a smart device in hands or a head-mounted display (HMD) that make an AR interface.

Augmented Reality enhances the experience by placing the virtual image in the real world, unlike conventional computer interfaces that are restricted to screens only and have minimal interaction with the real world.

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