How Do I Install Coloring Book–Kids Paint Android App

What is an App?

If you are new to the world of android, you might have heard a lot about the apps and must be wondering what they exactly are. Here, we will give you an idea about the apps and how to install them.

App is a short form for “Application”. In the world of computers it is also known as the “Programme”. Apps are developed by the developers to perform certain tasks. Being a user, you can interact with the app in many different ways. You can tap or swipe across the screen to perform any action, write texts or draw a design. You can even talk to some apps and heard back from them.

There are also some limitations of the apps that they are bound to perform certain tasks. However, developers can make changes any time and update the app. Any specific app is designed separately for different platforms. An android app cannot be run on an Apple device like iPhone and vice versa. Similarly, an application which is programmed for windows cannot be run on Smartphone. For example, the Color 3D app which is developed for android will not work on the iPhone or computer.

Some of the apps require prepayments for them to be installed and run. While, some developers give the app for free and earn from other sources of income like advertisement or limiting key features of the app which can only be unlocked when a user purchases the premium version of the exact same app. Developers also update the apps time to time to introduce new features and to make sure that the app runs more stably.

In the nutshell, what do the apps exactly do? In short, they can do everything. We are lucky to have phones which are capable of processing high graphics, have crisp and sharp screen, high resolution cameras and can render huge amount of data within seconds. Thus, the developers have a chance to develop any app which can bring more excitement to the user’s day to day life. Just about every single thing we do on our phones is done through the applications.

Play Store is the best option to download free as well as paid apps. Once you set up an account with the Google, your Play Store account is associated with it. You can find a lot of applications there. If you are willing to purchase a specific app, you can put your credit/debit card details to pay for it. Once you purchase an app, it will always be in your account so you do not have to worry if you uninstall or delete the app from your phone. You can always reinstall it for free. There are plenty of other options as well through which you can download an android app like Amazon Appstore but it is suggested to stick to Play Store to install secure apps.

How to Install an Android App

It is very simple to install an android app. Below are series of steps you can perform to install any app through Google Play Store.

  1. Click on the Play button that you will find on the home screen or in the app drawer.
  2. You will see a number of apps listed which are categorized in different genre.
  3. You can scroll through the apps to see if anyone interests you.
  4. If you are looking for any specific app, you can touch the search bar to look for it.
  5. Once you find the app, click on that and press install and the app will get installed in your phone and is ready to use.


Lets take for instance you are looking for the app “Magic Activity”. It is an AR based app and 3D coloring book in Pakistan. It projects the drawing on the paper using smartphone camera. The 3D coloring pages are printable and you can view the AR projection of the objects on the paper. This is the only 3D coloring book in Pakistan. You can search for this app, click install and enjoy using it.