What are The Best Apps for Kids Learning

Education and Learning are the most vital parts of our lives. It is extremely important to learn new and productive things in the childhood as the things we learn in the early ages help us throughout the life.

In the era of computer, tablets and cell phones, new applications have been launched which intensively transformed the education industry and learning methods over the last couple of decades. Learning is not limited to the educational institutes anymore. Parents have started to focus on educating their children at home as well, using the educational apps and games. With the games and apps, learning has become more accessible and very interesting for the children.

As the usage of the technology in our daily lives is increasing, the children are getting smarter and smarter every day. So, advanced and new learning methods are needed to be introduced in order to provide them a better and more productive platform to learn. In this blog, we will discuss few learning apps which greatly help building interest in children.


Duolingo is one of the best android and IOS application when you are looking to make your kid learn and speak foreign languages. This app supports some of the most spoken languages like Spanish, Dutch, Danish, French, German, Italian, Irish, and even English. The great thing about this app is that it is completely free. It has in-app purchases but the developers have kept it absolutely optional.

DragonBox Series

The DragonBox series includes a set of learning and educational games which help the children learn basics of mathematics in a fun way. A lot of children have a hard time building interest in learning math but this app enables them to learn with interest and more amusing ways. These games are to be purchased first but there are no in-app purchases. With this useful app, Math is fun!

Google Classroom

Google classroom is a virtual classroom that helps the kids learn new things simultaneously keeping the teachers and the parents in loop. It allows the interaction of kids, parents and teachers all together. The students can also interact with their classmates to turn in the assignments, uploading and downloading files and much more. The great thing about this app is that it is built by Google, so, it is best in its class.  


This learning app is based on Augmented Reality. It helps the children learn more about human body and anatomy using a smartphone camera. All you need is a T-Shirt and this app will make you learn the human anatomy in a way more interesting way than it was ever before. Point the camera in the direction of the T-Shirt and you can see the human physiology in real time.

3D Coloring Book in Pakistan

Coloring books for kids in Pakistan is a wonderful example of using Augmented Reality to make the learning fun. Coloring a book increases the creativity in children. Using the AR coloring book in Pakistan, kids can enjoy coloring different things and view their 3D projection in real-time. As the kid color the object on the page, the AR object gets colored as well. Once the coloring is done, kids can play games and perform different actions with the projected object. This app encourages the kids to color more and have a good time both together.

We have seen in the above article how the educational apps changed the way of teaching, making it more productive and enjoyable for kids. The implementation of the Augmented Reality in the learning apps has even taken this to a whole new level. The best implementation of the AR is live coloring books in Pakistan.