What is Augmented Reality

The word Augmented means to enhance, increase or make better. Augmented Reality, widely abbreviated as “AR”, is a type of a virtual reality which unites our real world with artificial or virtual elements. It overlays on top of the real environment in such a way that the user can feel its actual existence and presence in the actual world.

In simple words, Augmented Reality artificially adds animations and characters in the actual environment enabling the users to see both together without changing the real world.

AR in Daily Life

Augmented Reality can be experienced in many ways nowadays. It is commonly used and one can even enjoy it in Pakistan. It makes the environment and experience of the user real and very amusing. A lot of things can be done in a more enjoyable and helpful way than ever before. AR has also many useful and helpful implementations which enhance the feel and provide assistance to the worker. This wonderful piece of technology has proven its assistance in the fields of Marketing, Public Safety, Healthcare and Tourism.

There are many devices which supports AR like Cell phones, Headsets and Glasses. The common applications based on AR technology includes:

  1. Video Games: Pokémon Go is one of the most common examples of AR in which the player has to wander around the real world to catch Pokémon.
  2. Television: There are televisions which support augmented reality to provide additional information besides the screen.
  3. Navigation Panels: This has recently come into application in the luxury expensive cars. The navigations and the speedometer is displayed on the windshield of the car via AR. This allows the driver to see additional information without keeping his/her eyes off the road.
  4. Photography: There are a lot of photography and social media applications that support AR, like Snapchat. You can add an artificial hat, glasses or moustache in real-time to take funny and amusing pictures or videos. This is widely used nowadays by all the consumers who are socially active.

A newly introduced use of Augmented Reality is the “AR coloring Book in Pakistan/3D coloring book in Pakistan”. This is one the best implementation of the AR that will help the new generation kids in learning and enhancing their abilities to recognize colors and realizing the need of the boundaries in a more fun way.

The live coloring book in Pakistan enables the children to color a drawing on the page and simultaneously seeing the animation of the drawing through a smartphone or tablet camera. The animation gets colored as the drawing on the page is shaded. There are different actions which can be performed by the animation once the coloring is completed. This coloring book for kids in Pakistan will develop the interest of this highly useful practice in them and it will encourage them to recognize more pictures and colors using one of the latest technology. This will also make them learn how the Augmented Reality works and feel like, which will help them practice the technology that is widely increasing.