When Should Kids Start Coloring Books

As we all know that coloring within the lines is very important for the kids and toddlers and enlighten very useful skill sets in them. It polishes the motoring skills and cognitive skills. The realization of having lines and boundaries is very important at this learning stage.

It is one of those things for which there is no right time to start. Parents just kind of realize whenever their kid is ready to take this step. Some kids love coloring a book or a page and start at the age of 9 to 10 months. While, some take longer and may even hit the mark of 1 year. It depends on the potential and interest of the child as to when he is willing to give it a try and whether they use the markers to color the object. If the kid is not ready, it is good for the parents to wait a little and do not rush it. Eventually, every kid start doing it and it becomes his most favorite time pass.


When you decide of getting started and want your kid to grab a marker and attempt coloring, first you need to make sure that you bring marker which the toddler can easily grasp. The paper or the book on which he will be coloring should be large as well, with big and wide drawings. The best way to get it started is to take a blank paper and tape it on the table so it may not move or slip. Grab a chair for your kid and start coloring the paper yourself first to show him what is needed to be done. Afterwards, you can hand over the marker and tell your kid to follow you.

Recognizing Colours

Colouring will help the kids recognizing the difference between the colors. Studies show that a healthy child should be able to differentiate between basic colors by the age of 3 years and should be able to name a few. While your child is coloring, you should encourage them by saying “What a beautiful GREEN leave” or “A nice BLUE umbrella”. This will set the name of the color in your child’s mind and eventually he will start remembering them.


In the nutshell, it is concluded that there is no specific time on which a kid should start coloring. He can start it whenever he is ready and you feel like he is able to do it. At first, the parents will have to give attention to the kid while he is coloring. But, after some time, it will become his own hobby and he will spend hours coloring different drawing. Children should start practice coloring at home so they do not have to face any difficulties in the preschool.