Why AR Learning is Better Than Traditional Methods


In today’s world we cannot think of an educational system where state of the art technology is not used. Using latest technology has made the education much more influential and easier. For instance, the internet. It has enabled the students to research and learn infinite new things by simply using one device. It has connected the people, and students can share their assignments and files online. Group study is way easier than it was ever before due to the internet.

Augmented Reality is the new emerging wonder of technology and it is rapidly increasing with the passage of time. The implementation of the AR in our educational systems is very effective and it should be made compulsory. It has made learning very easy and much more interesting than the traditional ways. As you can actually interact with the objects because of AR, it makes the existing reality more meaningful. It modifies the actual reality and enhances it by computer generated visuals and sounds. AR has more potential with the students because it changes the way they think and interact with the actual reality. AR enables the students to learn more interestingly and have fun while learning new things. The students are more motivated to explore new things and using their imagination and creativity.

Augmented Reality can be viewed using a smartphone camera at private level. You just need to point the camera of the smartphone in the direction of the object which can be detected by the AR supported application. Then, it produces an animation or 3D visual which looks very real and makes the learning fun. It keeps the students engaged. Complex concepts can be learn while having fun. Augmented Reality is very accessible and less expensive.  

Below are few reasons due to which AR learning is better than traditional methods of education.

Live Interaction

AR enables the students to interact with objects. The models can be seen on their smartphones and they can individually perform any pre-set action which they find interesting and learn at the same time.

Better Presentation

The integration of the AR in the presentations and lessons of the teachers makes the lectures less boring. The students are more attentive and attracted to the lectures. Thus, the overall learning is increased and it is easier for the teacher to teach.

Environment Enhancement

The AR enhances the environment creating an artificial but beautiful opportunities of learning boring or less interesting subjects. The students will definitely love 3D models of Dinosaurs wandering around the classroom. Or, who wouldn’t love to see a live demonstration of the exploding Volcano. Likewise, the anatomy of the human body is more interesting to learn when a 3D model is projected on your friend.

It can be concluded that there are a lot of things in which AR learning has proven itself to be better than traditional learning methods. Surrounded by the technologies, children now a days are getting smarter and smarter. Thus, they are required to be taught using new methods and technologies.