We are Your Lost Fun in Learning

We are a company of your kids, for your kids. That’s likely over-simplified, but it’s smarter than a long list and fancy descriptions. We create Fun Learning Activities through brainstorming, bursts of creativity ignited by a community of amazing learning experts, developers, and designers. The word “fun” is our recognition, it is what kids are missing in learning and we mean to bring it back for you.


To enhance learning by integrating fun through augmented reality and artificial intelligence. We envision creating augmented reality products that provide immersive experiences for all ages. Our augmented reality products are just the first step in this journey.

Why Magic Activity

The name of our company stems from the magical technologies that are putting up a never-seen-before future. The technologies like Augmented Reality and Artificial Intelligence can persuade learners to experience magical learning. Artful learning aspects add fun in dull and boring concepts in more engaging and competent ways than ever before. Between this mission and your aspirations, we have a vision to feel connected to inspire twenty first Century Generation Alpha.

Ask Us, Let’s Be Friends!

People like to collect stamps, and connect with nature. We take pleasure in collecting contacts and connecting with people. Never to interfere, but to hear from you your fun learning experiences. We love making friends and hearing from them. If you have choice for one more friend, you can find our contact below.

For Assistance

If you're looking for any help, we are always ready to assist you!

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