Immersive Learning with Augmented Reality!

Safari Animals Coloring Book for Kids with 3D Augmented Reality
Safari Animals Coloring Book for Kids with 3D Augmented Reality
Safari Animals Coloring Book for Kids with 3D Augmented Reality
Safari Animals Coloring Book for Kids with 3D Augmented Reality

Safari Animals Coloring Book for Kids with 3D Augmented Reality

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Age: 3+

The Magic Activity’s Safari Animals includes 8 (Eight) coloring sheets featuring various animal scenes. Sheets contain drawings of Stork, Eagle, Parrot, Peacock, Sparrow, Swallow, Seagull, Duck in their respective nature. This product takes your kid to an exciting experience of Augmented Reality Magical Animals scenes.


  • MAGICAL: Watch animals come to life in colors used by your child.

  • JUNGLE SAFARI: Drawings of Lion, Elephant, Tiger, Crocodile, Gazelle, Giraffe, Rhino and Hippo in their native habitats.

  • SEEING IS BELIEVING: Kids learn about animals’ movements, the way they eat, talk, walk and attack. Play with animals, feed them, see them walking around and take photos with them.

  • IN THE BOX: 8 Coloring Pages, 12 Coloring Markers Set, 8 Learning Games, 24 Animal Facts, Instructions Card, and a lot of magic.

  • EDUCATIONAL: Both digital and physical hands-on learning experiences for early childhood development. Magic Activity's AR mobile app brings your child’s creations to life using augmented reality technology.

Benefits for Childs   

This coloring activity provides lifelong benefits to your child:

  • Develops Fine Motor Skills

  • Stimulates Creativity & Imagination

  • Color Awareness & Recognition

  • Improves Focus & Hand to Eye Coordination

  • Strengthens Vocabulary

  • Develops Knowledge of Safari Animals

Minimum System Requirements

Magic Activity: Games for Kids mobile app requires:

iOS: 9.0 & above | RAM: 1 GB & above

Android: 4.4 & above | RAM: 2GB & above

Wi-Fi required only for installation and one-time setup, not after that. No Bluetooth required. No in-app purchases or ads. All materials used are child-safe.

What is in the Box?

  • 8 Safari Animals Coloring Sheets

  • A pack of 12 Marker Colors

  • 8 learning activities/games

  • 24 interesting animal facts/assessments

  • A quick instruction guide.

  • Mobile App is available for free download from Google Play Store and Apple App Store. A smart device is not included in the box.


The sheet using Markers.


The colored sheet by smartphone/tablet.

Play & Learn!

Colored drawings come to life!

Download the Magic Activity App


Magic Acivity is using Augmented Reality to help children learn about animal kingdom. Kids can see their drawings actually coming to life.

Coach Marco Robert, Business Consultant, Influencer and Management Inspiration.

Augmented Reality is a wonderful technology that can alter the apparent view, you should definitely use Augmented Reality products for your kids.

Rehan Allahwala, Influencer and CEO of multiple companies around the world.

Magic Activity Augmented Reality product is very good for children because it helps them to create things; hence enabling them to do things themselves.

Marijke Qureshi, Specialist in Dianetics (A self-help healing technique for human mind)

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